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Jaspar Lepak Jaspar Lepak

Jaspar Lepak

Jaspar Lepak

Forgiving Wind

Firebird Moon
Rolling Stone:
November 14, 2011    

Country music. It’s like if patriotism was invented by the Hardy Boys, and fellatio by Nancy Drew. Well, that’s what if feels like sometimes. So many gorgeous singer-songwriters, so many winsome songs of moody ponies and love forlorn. And yet it’s discourteous to allow them all to blend into a haze of sun-kissed hair and lilting vocals. As Lepak sings on “Sunshine and Stars”, “at night she would lay down her blanket of hate, her pony asleep at her side”. Do the same, give this album a chance, and you’ll find more than enough beauty and original charm to make you a fan.

Key Tracks: “Sunshine and Stars”, "Hollow Part"

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