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Radio Kalahari Orkes

Radio Kalahari Orkes

Grootste Treffers

Rolling Stone:
December 12, 2011    

Truthfully, over four records and in a market saturated with processed beats, RKO never had many treffers. But, as these 14-tracks amply reveal, what they offer the patient listener is a treasure box of sometimes outlandish (“Elvis”), often heartbreaking (“Reën”), relentlessly thought-pro- voking (“Transboer”) music. The joy of listening to RKO comes as much from their unswerving commitment to the beauty of acoustic instruments (banjos, concertina, mando- lins) as from the lyrics that manage to be both literary and easy on the ear (not surprising with Rian Malan on the songwriting team), revealing Afrikaans to be a glorious language, worthy of everyone’s time.

Key Tracks: “Staan My By”, “Kaptein,Kaptein”, “Transboer”

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