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The One Night Stands  The One Night Stands

 The One Night Stands

The One Night Stands

Songs from the Edge of the World

Sting Music
Rolling Stone:
February 20, 2012    

Originally formed as a cover band paying homage to the Eighties for a birthday party (“one-night stand”, see?), it speaks volumes about the individual talents of the four players that they emerged from the house-party living room to become the kind of band we’d gladly pay to see live. Singer Lu channels the band’s influences (think The Cure, The Mission, Editors, The Killers, The Smiths, Interpol) on his black fishnet sleeves while laying claim to being discernibly original, which is a balancing act this band manages to pull off with fine flair. Matthew Fink (The Black Hotels) produces. Robert Smith himself would smile.

Key Tracks: “Yesterday’s Girl”, “Isolation”, “Slippery Slope”

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