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What Now What Now

What Now

What Now

Move Like a Sinner

2 Feet/Sheer
Rolling Stone:
June 04, 2013    

A decade abroad and some detours later, KZN trio What Now presents the kind of rock that you feel should play as you bronco into a bar with a sexy woman by your side. The barman knows your name and hands over your preferred cocktail as you sit down. In short: it’s slick. From crisp production to the booming songs (“Lovers & Liars”), this is meant to entertain on a large scale. Lyrically thinnish but not altogether bad, What Now could, with a couple of lucky breaks (the title track has already made it onto an episode of CSI: New York), be the next Civil Twilight. To get there though, they’ll need stronger tunes: more Bon Jovi, less mascara.

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