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Good Morning, Sunshine

Boosh Records
Rolling Stone:
September 02, 2013    

It’s only when the bruised and battered relationship of “Boxing Day” arrives that Shortstraw’s Good Morning, Sunshine really takes off. Until then, the Johannesburg-based five-piece really only has one good idea – loose indie-pop, soaked in kwela vibes and layered with irreverent lyrics – that teeters on the tedious. But when Alastair Thomas sings “I’m black and blue/But I’ve got this swelling under control”, you know there’s something awfully unsettling beneath the sunny vibes of this suburban rock band. After that, it’s a winner all the way, with the terrific wedding-day singalong, “The Wedding Blues”, giving Desmond & the Tutus singer Shane Durrant (long a champion of Shortstraw) the chance to shine as a malevolent best man. Album closer “127 Hours” signals what the band is capable of when it puts fun on the back burner and instead tells tales of emotional dislocation and suburban desperation.

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