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  • Review: Marley

    Review: Marley0

    It’s sensible to constantly place Bob Marley’s story against the backdrop of his politically troubled Jamaica, to which he returned more than once as an icon to promote peace – and was shot for his troubles. It clearly resonates with the message in his music and legacy, as does the closing montage of the movie,

  • Twilight of the Nerd Frontier

    Twilight of the Nerd Frontier0

    Why the geeks of ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ are the new American bros Tech-geek nostalgia seems to be in the air, from the circa-1983 engineers of AMC’s excellent Halt and Catch Fire to the circa-2014 app hustlers of Mike Judge’s breakout HBO comedy hit Silicon Valley. They’re totally different on many levels: Silicon is a

  • Mi Casa – “Jika”

    Mi Casa – “Jika”0

    “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that old time Sophiatown swing!” is the mantra on the award-winning deep house trio’s latest hip-shaker off their new album, “Su Casa”. It’s a delightfully feelgood fable about keeping it real to get the girl of your dreams. 

  • Goodluck – “Trickery”

    Goodluck – “Trickery”0

    On Friday 1st of November Cape Tonian electro-swing trio Goodluck will release their third full-length album, Creatures Of the Night, which was recorded outdoors in the Namibian desert. The group also recently launched a making-of documentary called This Might Sound Crazyat Amsterdam Dance Event. The doccie will be released in South Africa as a dual disk on Creatures

  • The Kiffness feat. Mathew Gold – “Where Are You Going?”

    The Kiffness feat. Mathew Gold – “Where Are You Going?”0

    The vibey Cape Town electronic duo, The Kiffness, recently released their second radio single and music video, “Where are you Going?”, featuring the eccentric Matthew Gold. The song is evidently inspired by local electronic legends Goldfish, and boasts a colourfully entertaining 8-bit style music video. Catch The Kiffness live at the Bos Earthwave Official Afterparty

  • Exclusive: Eddie Murphy on His Return to Music and the Stage

    Exclusive: Eddie Murphy on His Return to Music and the Stage0

    ‘I didn’t want to leave it at ‘Party All the Time,” says Murphy “All I’ve been doing is making music,” says Eddie Murphy. “I haven’t been working on films, haven’t been developing movies, or any of that shit.” Truth is, though he hasn’t released an album for 20 years, Murphy never quit writing and recording