Listen: Roger Goode Unleashes ‘Because I’m Barry’

Advocate Barry 'I Put It To You' Roux gets his own theme track

By Alice Inggs
Thursday, 20 March 2014 13:08
Advocate Barry Roux Meme
Advocate Barry Roux Meme

Not since Vernon Koekemoer has a South African personality hit the online high stakes. It's only Day 14 of the Oscar Pistorius trial and The Accused's wily, tough-talking lawyer, Advocate Barry Roux, has multiple memes to his name.

Now, thanks to 5FM's Roger Goode Radio Show, "Badass Barry" has his own theme track, to the tune of Pharrell Williams' hit, "Happy". Lyrics include: "Come along if you feel like mixing it with Roux / Because I'm Barry / Come along if you feel like innocence is the truth / Because I'm Barry / Come along if you want me to put it to you..." Watch out, S.A., we're about to get a temporary new National Anthem.


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