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Mann Friday Kickstart Fifth Studio Album

Two year hiatus may inspire 'more mellow, more ballad-y' approach

By Rolling Stone
Thursday, 23 February 2012 10:33

Zimbabwean rockers Mann Friday - now based in London - are heading into the studio to record their fifth studio album. Frontman Rob Burrell believes that the album will be a challenge:

"This is going to be a very strange album - in the sense that none of these tunes have been road-tested, we haven't been out gigging them, which is risky. Because I've been in Cape Town so much recently we've been unable to play as much as we'd like, so there's quite a lot of pressure on the guys to work hard and fast. It's a lot easier for me as I've been humming, jamming, singing these tracks to myself for a long while whereas Justin, Mic and Joe are going to be working stuff out as we go. We've never written an album like that before but on (previous album) Waiting For The Flash, a track called "Racer" was born in the studio whilst we were recording, and it's one of the best MF tracks ever, can work, we'll just have to let things run their course.

"One thing I can say though, is that having been out of the UK rock scene for a year or so, living in Cape Town, these new tracks are a lot more mellow, more ballad-y, so this album could emerge fairly pop-ish, which some folk may like, others not. C'est la vie."

Mann Friday's video "Not For Sale" was recently released online and on television in support of human trafficking charity


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