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Tuesday On Fire: Wild Eastern Arches

POSTED: By Tecla Ciolfi

The term "hipster jol" may get thrown around a bit, but that term is quite unjustified.

Wild Eastern Arches
Wild Eastern Arches
Laura McC

The noise level is at an all-time high tonight. Front man Benjamin Fletcher Cox sings about three songs before he decides to release a piercing howl that visibly shakes the audience. This band demands, no, commands attention, because from then on, the crowd chatter teeters on acceptable, as most have turned to face the small stage.

Wild Eastern Arches are a curious case. In the handful of months they've been around they've amassed an impressive amount of support, with their gigs well attended. The term "hipster jol" may get thrown around a bit, but that term is quite unjustified when it comes to these lads. WEA are not a fad, they're a psychedelic mesh of talent. A throwback to early Pink Floyd before Syd went mad.

There's also an unmistakable Doors-y vibe about their lead singer as his vocals tip and pitch (sometimes quite roughly) through their 45 minute set. To compare any singer with Mr 'Mojo Rising' seems like sacrilige, but Cox's voice has an endearing nonchalance that makes him instantly attractive to the ear as well as the eye.

The decision to not mic up the drum kit was a good one, as Jack Walsh's steady drum beats were at the best level possible and complemented Patrick James Wells' occasional lap steel melodies gorgeously.

A pentagon of potential right here.

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