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Basson Laubscher and the Violent Free Peace
Rolling Stone:
Shakedown | Self-released
Copycat bluesmen make inspired EP | Read more
Rolling Stone:
The Speed of Dark | Sony Music
Metal vets continue to take no prisoners 15 years down the line | Read more
The Brother Moves On
Rolling Stone:
A New Myth | Self-released
Jo’burg performance rock collective gets lost in studio space | Read more
We Set Sail
Rolling Stone:
Something About The Moon | Independent
Cinematic instrumentalism on atmospheric album | Read more
Rolling Stone:
Dirty Laundry | Self-released
Cape Town newcomers kick out the jams on a good ol’fashioned rock’n’roll debut | Read more
Shaun Jacobs
Rolling Stone:
Love Can | Electromode
Chart-topper has plenty to give on self-produced record | Read more
Trevor Rebello
Rolling Stone:
Slow Horses | Independent
Unknown alt-country talent surprises with ambitious debut EP | Read more
Dear Reader
Rolling Stone:
We Followed Every Sound | City Slang
Indie chanteuse’s concept album gets a magical orchestral makeover | Read more
Rolling Stone:
Greater Goods and Lesser Evils | Sony Music
Intense break-up album takes S.A.’s alt folkies into a stomping new indie-rock direction | Read more
Die Heuwels Fantasties
Rolling Stone:
Wens Jy Was Hier | Supra Familias
Afrikaans electro-pop kings stumble into over-familiarity on deluxe EP | Read more
100 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10