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Petite Noir

Petite Noir

Till We Ghosts/ The Dance

Peitite Noir
Rolling Stone:
March 01, 2012    

"Till We Ghosts/The Dance", is the first offering of the Congo-originated, South African-based project Petite Noir,  which is attempting to form a new genre it refers to as NoirWave -  "a take on Post Punk/New Wave with a hint of an African Aesthetic feel to it".

The first taste of this project delivers an ambitious - almost adventurous - fresh and unique sound. . The African flavours dance through your ear canals to the beat of a steady drum track and subtle guitar riffs. The vocals are soulful and simple,  and the combination results in a trance-like drive to the song, carrying you away to a dark forest with big fires and music that drowns out the night.

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