Van Coke Kartel - "Klein Wêreld (As SA jou Wêreld is)

Friday, 25 April 2014 14:23

What do you get when mash-up the prosthetic transformation of Moby's 1999 hit "Natural Blues" with the old-age home setting of Bloodhound Gang's comical classic "Fire Water Burn"?

Well, you get Van Coke Kartel's new video, "Klein Wêreld (As SA jou Wêreld is)" off their SAMA nominated album Bloed, Sweet en Trane.

*SAMA Smackdown: Twenty 14 - What we say, who should win and who will win*

This music video was chosen for funding as part of kykNET Musiek's MVP [Musiek Video Projek] initiative and was produced by Chasing Migada Productions. "Klein Wêreld" was an apt choice for the video as it already scored # 1 positions on campus radio stations including Tuks FM, MFM and Puk FM – the only stations that seems to be playing Afrikaans rock these days.

 Van Coke Kartel's members are no strangers to dressing up for music videos. For their "Dis 'n Land" video they transformed themselves into women. They're also not the only SA band this month to go back to the future in prosthetic make-up. Earlier in April Jo'Burg-rockers The Slashdogs also donned senior-citizen-drag when they dropped the video for their first single "Black & Blue" off their forthcoming album, Progress Through Plunder.

What's up with this sudden fascination with growing old in rock? Well, as Oliver Wendell Holmes aptly put it: "Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing."

By William Welfare


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