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  • Die Antwoord: The Rolling Stone Interview

    Die Antwoord: The Rolling Stone Interview0

    After years of tireless self-pimping, Ninja and Yo-landi finally get personal about fucking with the fame game and finding the answer Sundays are non-stop action for the “guards” on the hustle for a few rands in the car parks of Jo’burg’s Zoo Lake and as soon as I step out of my car with Die

  • Dan Patlansky Album Launch

    Dan Patlansky Album Launch0

    Blues guitarist Dan Patlansky packed Kirstenbosch in Cape Town with 3000 people to launch his new album, 20 Stones. He opened with the gentle, instrumental title track off the new album while sitting alone, acoustic guitar in hand, on a barstool. When he reached for his 50 year-old cherry red Fender Strat, the crowd got restless