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  • The Lone Ranger

    The Lone Ranger0

    Why is The Lone Ranger such a huge flop at the box-office? According to the Ranger code: “Never Ask a Question You Already Know the Answer To.” And the answer is really that obvious. Because the movie sucks, that’s why. Your expectations of how bad The Lone Ranger is can’t trump the reality. The wild, wild West is actually

  • Trevor Noah: You Laugh But It’s True

    Trevor Noah: You Laugh But It’s True0

    “People don’t really buy tickets until the day of the show so you don’t even know if you’ve sold enough until you literally walk out onto stage,” Trevor Noah says in this David Paul Meyer-directed documentary. Of course, following the sold-out success of 2012’s That’s Racist we know that bums on seats in S.A. is no longer

  • Jack Parow feat. Klipwerf Orkes on Jam Sandwich

    Jack Parow feat. Klipwerf Orkes on Jam Sandwich0

    Rolling Stone visited Milestone Studios in Cape Town last week to get a behind the scenes peek of the Jack Parow collaboration with Klipwerf Orkes for the television show Jam Sandwich. Rolling Stone spoke to the show’s producer, Deon Maas: “The concept of Jam Sandwich is to bring musicians of different backgrounds together. Even though Jack Parow and Klipwerf are