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  • John Oliver Steps Up

    John Oliver Steps Up0

    The comedian’s brilliant new show lets his rants go deeper and hit much harder Any man who can make Right Said Fred politically resonant is clearly doing something right. And John Oliver is such a man. He certainly dreamed up a novel way to trash Syria’s Bashar al-Assad on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight With

  • Bryan Cranston Shares Grossest ‘Breaking Bad’ Scene

    Bryan Cranston Shares Grossest ‘Breaking Bad’ Scene0

    Actor also draws parallels between Walter White and Lyndon B. Johnson Over five seasons of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston was privy to — and, as Walter White, responsible for — numerous unsightly things, including Gus Fring’s blown-up face, Jane’s overdose and Saul Goodman’s shirt-and-tie combos. But during a Tribeca Talks panel at the Tribeca Film Festival

  • Jon Savage Needs You To Finish His Hilarious SA Rockumentary

    Jon Savage Needs You To Finish His Hilarious SA Rockumentary0

    ‘People have to see this film! You have to get this film made’ – Leon Schuster On Monday Cassette front man and radio personality Jon Savage released the first trailer for his upcoming and unfinished comedy film, Stone Cold Jane Austen. The synopsis of the This Is Spinal Tap-styled mockumentary seems to follow the fictitious Bellville rock band Stone