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  • Die Antwoord: The Rolling Stone Interview

    Die Antwoord: The Rolling Stone Interview0

    After years of tireless self-pimping, Ninja and Yo-landi finally get personal about fucking with the fame game and finding the answer Sundays are non-stop action for the “guards” on the hustle for a few rands in the car parks of Jo’burg’s Zoo Lake and as soon as I step out of my car with Die

  • Dan Patlansky Album Launch

    Dan Patlansky Album Launch0

    Blues guitarist Dan Patlansky packed Kirstenbosch in Cape Town with 3000 people to launch his new album, 20 Stones. He opened with the gentle, instrumental title track off the new album while sitting alone, acoustic guitar in hand, on a barstool. When he reached for his 50 year-old cherry red Fender Strat, the crowd got restless

  • Tommy Ramone Dead at 65

    Tommy Ramone Dead at 650

    Drummer was last surviving original member of the Ramones Tommy Ramone, the original drummer for the Ramones and the band’s last surviving original member, died on Friday at the age of 65. A spokesman for Ramone’s family confirmed the news to Rolling Stone. Tommy Ramone on Birth of the Ramones: ‘It Was Time for Something

  • The Dream World of St. Vincent

    The Dream World of St. Vincent0

    Art, darkness and blurred lines: hanging in Spain with the smartest indie-rock star of her generation It’s thunderstorming in Barcelona, so Annie Clark – who performs as St. Vincent and who “really, really, really” wants to go to the beach – is forced to make other plans. “You visit a lot of museums and aquariums

  • New Robert Plant Solo LP

    New Robert Plant Solo LP0

    Led Zep legend brings in members of Massive Attack, Portishead Robert Plant has undergone an incredible career renaissance ever since his 2007 LP with Alison Krauss, Raising Sand, sold millions of copies and won a Grammy for Album of the Year. With his new solo LP, the Led Zeppelin singer certainly sounds energised, bringing in an

  • Out of the Shadow

    Out of the Shadow0

    How Sean Lennon learned to carry that weight and create a life in music Sean Lennon lives in a red-brick house in Lower Manhattan that he has filled with his life in music. The living and dining rooms are a combined chaos of strange guitars, exotic percussion, old analog studio equipment and odd keyboards, such