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  • John Ellis

    John Ellis0

    Tree63’s front man puts the whole Christian rock ‘fiasco’ to bed to concentrate on going solo John Ellis just can’t win. The day that I meet the Tree63 frontman and solo artist he’s trying to get his head around the lambasting he got from fans during an interview with Gareth Cliff on 5FM. What was

  • Beyonce Leads Forbes Celebrity 100 List

    Beyonce Leads Forbes Celebrity 100 List0

    Bey tops the list, earning an estimated $115 million in the past year Beyoncé is already the queen of pop music, but now she’s the queen of pop culture. The singer has claimed the top spot on Forbes’ new Celebrity 100 list, which ranks the most successful celebrities from “movies, TV, music, sports, books and

  • Q&A: Gareth Wilson of Southern Gypsey Queen

    Q&A: Gareth Wilson of Southern Gypsey Queen0

    “It took months before I even picked up a guitar again, but when I did I realised it was the best way to heal and also the thing I love most in life” Southern Gypsey Queen’s filter-less frontman, Gareth Wilson, opens up about his return to the spotlight, his job as a ‘talent buyer’, his