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  • SA-born Composer Buckley Featured on Scott Walker tribute Album

    SA-born Composer Buckley Featured on Scott Walker tribute Album0

    ‘Cover versions are for the most part daunting propositions, but doubly so when it is Scott Walker’ There’s a fascinating new collection out on Soundcloud under the name All Souls Music – Songs From Montague Terrace (A Tribute To Scott Walker), which features Sondre Lerche, Nightlands, The Entrance Band, and others tipping their hats to the

  • The March of the Madiba-Dancing Chickens

    The March of the Madiba-Dancing Chickens0

    Watching everyone and their dog “do the Madiba-dance” feels a bit like being on some pretty powerful hallucinogenic mango – flavoured Kool-Aid. At the public toilets at De Waal Park, there is a handwritten sign begging “Please!!! No drugs in the toilets.” It is unclear whether this is an appeal to our better collective judgment,

  • Rolling Stone SA’s Podcast – Ep 21. Farryl Purkiss

    Rolling Stone SA’s Podcast – Ep 21. Farryl Purkiss0

    One of South Africa’s most hardworking musicians, the humble Farryl Purkiss visits the RS office to give editor Miles Keylock the lowdown on where he’s been and what it means to be a full-time touring musician. The singer-songwriter talks about his travels to the States, Canada, UK and Australia, the pros and cons of living

  • Goodluck – “Trickery”

    Goodluck – “Trickery”0

    On Friday 1st of November Cape Tonian electro-swing trio Goodluck will release their third full-length album, Creatures Of the Night, which was recorded outdoors in the Namibian desert. The group also recently launched a making-of documentary called This Might Sound Crazyat Amsterdam Dance Event. The doccie will be released in South Africa as a dual disk on Creatures

  • Video Premiere: Bittereinder – “Die Slagting”

    Video Premiere: Bittereinder – “Die Slagting”0

    ‘We were largely inspired by the ridiculousness of post-modern life, the absurdity of trends, our collective inability to ‘keep up’, the shallowness of celebrity and fame…’ “Die Slagting” is the third official single and video from the Pretoria-based electronic/rap trio Bittereinder off their second album, Die Dinkdansmasjien. The single is also the group’s second Afrikaans-Dutch rap

  • The Plastics – “Occasional Lies”

    The Plastics – “Occasional Lies”0

    Cape Town’s retro indie-rock outfit The Plastics recently launched a video for their song “Occasional Lies”, off of their new album, Pyramid. The video features a delightfully desaturated colour palette humorously fused with the presence of cats – with cats playing instruments, for that matter. Catch The Plastics on their upcoming Friendly Ghosties tour with