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  • The Mandela Cult

    The Mandela Cult0

    ‘The last pictures will emerge from the mega event of a state funeral. Perhaps tens of thousands will file past an open casket. Without a doubt, there will be some sort of mausoleum and, ultimately, more statues’ “Happy is the country that has no history” is a proverb attributed to the French philosopher, Montesquieu. In

  • Pompi: Undermining Clichéd Rapper Stereotypes

    Pompi: Undermining Clichéd Rapper Stereotypes0

    Sharpens Iron With Iron On Africa’s Hip-Hop Tour Of America Pompi, the Zambian hip-hop performer known for his gospel-inspired lyrics, beaming smile, and bow tie, takes the stage for the first time in Washington, D.C., offering a lyrical poem about being mistaken for a criminal: “His foot to my face almost broke my jaw,” Pompi

  • Real Music Wednesdays – Yo Grapes0

    Official Music Video for ‘December’ – the first single from Yo Grapes’ album ‘Grape Juice’. 

  • Jack Parow Launches New Comic ‘Hier Kom Nou Kak’

    Jack Parow Launches New Comic ‘Hier Kom Nou Kak’0

    In the future Parow lives the life of a scumbag… but he’s here to save us It’s the future and Jack Parow is here to save us – by travelling back in time from 2213 he warns us against buying into kak brands and music. He may be a rap god now, but in 2213 Parow lives

  • Love and War Inside the Rolling Stones

    Love and War Inside the Rolling Stones0

    How the band endured drugs, booze, tragedy and each other to bring back the greatest show on earth Perhaps these men, the Rolling Stones, should not be here, at this time in their lives, doing this – doing it so well and so scarily. It is a Friday afternoon, late April, in a rehearsal space

  • SAMA Smack Down: Twenty 13

    SAMA Smack Down: Twenty 130

    Can The Muffinz outgun pop starlets Toya DeLazy and ChianoSky? Who the hell are Blackbyrd. And is Kelly Khumalo really a contender? Rolling Stone breaks it down Female Artist of the Year ChianoSky – Hungry Kelly Khumalo – The Past, The Present, The Future Lulu Dikana – This is the Life Maleh – Step Child Ntokozo Mbambo – Filled What We