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  • “Heaven, Hell or Hoboken for Christmas”: Quick-fire Questions with Hoboken Division

    “Heaven, Hell or Hoboken for Christmas”: Quick-fire Questions with Hoboken Division0

    Marie and Mathieu of bluesy dark-noise duo Hoboken Division chat about originality, onstage dynamics and their “robot-drummer” What was it that first attracted you to music? Marie: I don’t know if there can be a simple explanation for that. I’ve always watched shows saying to myself “that’s gonna be me later”. It was just here. It’s

  • Tinariwen


    Transplant a group of veteran Saharan guitar slingers to a different desert (SoCal’s Mojave, specifically the indie depot of Joshua Tree) and add some American guests – rock guitarists Josh Klinghoffer and Matt Sweeney, poet-MC Saul Williams and more. What do you get? Impressively, an undiluted Tinariwen LP that’s all circular Afro-Berber riffs, hypnotic hand

  • Rudimental and Crystal Fighters to Headline Rocking The Daisies 2014

    Rudimental and Crystal Fighters to Headline Rocking The Daisies 20140

    UK Bands the first international headline acts announced for RTD 2014 Brit Awards winners Rudimental and avantgarde alternative dance/rock pioneers Crystal Fighters have been confirmed as the first international headliners for Rocking the Daisies and Vodacom in the City 2014. Both acts are blazing a genre-bending trail and have garnered critical and commercial acclaim. Since

  • Watch Die Antwoord’s New Single ‘Pit Bull Terrier’

    Watch Die Antwoord’s New Single ‘Pit Bull Terrier’0

    Ninja’s Man-Dog Faces off with Yolandi’s Cat-Woman The absurdity of zef ambassadors Die Antwoord reaches new levels in the video for “Pitbull Terrier.” Directed by frontman Ninja, the clip finds the MC done up in some grotesque pit-bull makeup and follows the man-dog as he escapes from his owner and runs around town mauling (and

  • ClassyMenace0

    Andrea Iacopini, a.k.a. ClassyMenace, has always had impeccable taste. Armed with a London audio degree and a worldliness stemming from his Italian heritage, he started making waves on the S.A. remix scene back in 2011 with a trio of choice Goldfish remixes – “Crunchy Joe”, “Humbug” and “Woman’s A Devil” – that turned him into

  • Yoko Ono Plastic Band

    Yoko Ono Plastic Band0

    Guesting on a Yoko Ono LP has become like getting cast in a Woody Allen film: an artistic validation and New York City-branded rite of passage. It’s also clearly a hoot: see “Bad Dancer”, a giddy club anthem for the proudly graceless, with surviving Beastie Boys Mike D and Ad-Rock (who also appear alongside Questlove