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  • Pestroy


    For 15 years, Pestroy have been destroying audiences with a live show that explodes with all the force of a bomb. It’s earned the five-piece a loyal following and seen Pestroy become the first port of call for an impressive list of international metal outfits looking for S.A. tour support. The Speed of Dark is similarly

  • The Brother Moves On

    The Brother Moves On0

    There are times when TBMO’s mix of unconstrained performance and post-genre music reaches the transcendent moment, leaving those watching in a state of devotional bliss that lingers long after the end of the live show. It’s what’s led to the band being described in near-evangelical terms over a five-year career that’s seen the release of

  • Andy Lund & The Mission Men

    Andy Lund & The Mission Men0

    “I didn’t hear you call/I was blinded as I hit the floor/Just like all the other times before,” wails Andy Lund on opener “Mirrorball”. It’s a masochistic hangover cut from Twilight Singer Greg Dulli’s powder-burned rock cloth. Relax. This isn’t some elegantly wasted glorification of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Lund’s second solo LP with The

  • Shotgun Tori

    Shotgun Tori0

    Having put in the hours on stage to achieve a reputation as an energetic, soulful live performer, Shotgun Tori’s new album carries a lot of expectation. And you know what? It’s flippen awesome. Many big-voiced singers make the mistake of over-using their pipes. Along the way, control is often lost. Not so here. From the

  • Matthew Mole

    Matthew Mole0

    What made ye olde charmers Mumford & Sons great (in addition to being something like the indie-folk Soggy Bottom Boys) was that it didn’t seem like they were shoving their faith on anyone – whether it be figures in their songs or members of their audience. Not so with Matthew Mole: “I guess that I

  • Zahara’s Live DVD Goes Double Platinum in Three Days

    Zahara’s Live DVD Goes Double Platinum in Three Days0

    ‘Excited doesn’t even describe how I feel’ Zahara’s live DVD The Beginning has certified double platinum within three days of release. Platinum certification in South Africa indicates 40, 000 units shipped to retailers. The live performance was released on 3rd September 2012 and by Wednesday 5th September 2012 it had been confirmed as one of the fastest selling