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  • The Brother Moves On

    The Brother Moves On0

    There are times when TBMO’s mix of unconstrained performance and post-genre music reaches the transcendent moment, leaving those watching in a state of devotional bliss that lingers long after the end of the live show. It’s what’s led to the band being described in near-evangelical terms over a five-year career that’s seen the release of

  • Trevor Rebello – Slow Horses

    Trevor Rebello – Slow Horses0

    Aside from Laurie Levine’s worldclass output, South African alt-country fans have had to satisfy their desires by looking outwards. Trevor Rebello steps confidently into the territory with this slender, seven-track EP who’s first trio of tracks heralds a talent worth watching. Slow Horses sees Rebello grappling with leaving behind the capricious days of youth and young manhood

  • Freygang Band0

  • Andy Lund & The Mission Men

    Andy Lund & The Mission Men0

    “I didn’t hear you call/I was blinded as I hit the floor/Just like all the other times before,” wails Andy Lund on opener “Mirrorball”. It’s a masochistic hangover cut from Twilight Singer Greg Dulli’s powder-burned rock cloth. Relax. This isn’t some elegantly wasted glorification of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Lund’s second solo LP with The

  • Shotgun Tori

    Shotgun Tori0

    Having put in the hours on stage to achieve a reputation as an energetic, soulful live performer, Shotgun Tori’s new album carries a lot of expectation. And you know what? It’s flippen awesome. Many big-voiced singers make the mistake of over-using their pipes. Along the way, control is often lost. Not so here. From the

  • Shane Cooper0

    “Improvisation isn’t a matter of just making any ol’ thing up. Jazz, like any language, has its own grammar and vocabulary. There’s no right or wrong, just some choices that are better than others,” observed trum- peter Wynton Marsalis famously. Shane Cooper knows what he means. For the past decade, the 27-year-old bassist has been