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  • Tom Waits with Keith Richards

    Tom Waits with Keith Richards0

    One of three dozen sea chanteys and waterlogged ditties on the Johnny Depp produced comp Son of Rogue’s Gallery, this was likely written by French-Canadian explorers – about the river or the Native American father of “Sally” – no one is sure. It gets a boozy, phlegmy, deeply soulful reading from Waits, with some delicate electric

  • Oskido ft. Candy & Mabhiza – “Tsa Mandebele”0

    This is Oskido’s latest single called “Tsa Mandebele” and features Candy and Mabhiza. The video celebrates the Khelobedu language, which is regarded as a dialect of Northern Sotho. It exists only in an unwritten form and is mainly spoken in the area of Duiwelskloof in the Limpopo Province. Many have campaigned to make it South

  • Kaalvoet en die Volgende Oggend

    Kaalvoet en die Volgende Oggend0

    If Johannes Kerkorrel had five cups of coffee and a Red Bull and then wrote a song about touring and coming home, this would be it. Narrative-like soft verses and catchy choruses harken back to the foundations that were laid by alt-Afrikaans-rock forefathers during the Voëlvry Toer. The twist in this modern song, in comparison with its