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  • Dave Grohl’s Sonic Adventure

    Dave Grohl’s Sonic Adventure0

    Inside the Foo Fighters’ wildly ambitious new album and HBO series This is the most terrifying part – the last day of the week,” Dave Grohl says over the phone one morning from New Orleans, in a voice actually more heavy with excitement than fear. The Foo Fighters’ singer-guitarist-leader is about to go to a

  • Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

    Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence0

    Three years ago, Lana Del Rey seemed to hatch into existence as a fully formed provocateur: She has introduced previously untasted flavors to pop music (her slow, torchy genre of choice might best be described as “Calvin Klein Eternity commercial”) and shaped herself into as crafty a video star as Lady Gaga, making her racy,

  • Q&A: Schulie Van Heerden of SON [The Band]

    Q&A: Schulie Van Heerden of SON [The Band]0

    “STRAB is different because it feels like a good friend of yours is having a massive party…” A reverb-rich three-piece (Schulie Van Heerden, Keegan Oxley-Oxland, Jon Pentreath) inspired by the Floyd’s Dave Gilmour manage to make something that sounds like hardcore art rock. Your singles are all coupled with arty black and white photographs – do